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Organic Ingredients Brewed with Love.


Kemboocha™ was born out of my love of fermented foods and optimal health. We carefully utilize ingredients that are potent, powerful and will provide you with the freshest tasting kombucha. In addition to  Kemboocha™  we also provide a fermented tonic called fire cider.


Kemboocha™, the Southernculturedway™


Our kombucha starts out with a blend of sugar and organic teas. Through the fermenting process, the sugar is converted to healthy bacteria.



Brewed with the finest organic and locally sourced ingredients. We seek to provide quality kombucha to keep your body healthy.



The benefits of probiotics have been heralded by nutritionists across the globe for its benefits in increasing gut health. Research indicates, Kombucha is filled with healthy probiotics.


Kombucha may improve skin elasticity and promote hair and nail growth, helping you to keep a youthful appearance.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I drink?

Kemboocha™ is a tasty drink that can be enjoyed like any other beverage. Our goddess flavors come in 16 fl oz bottles.

Where can you buy Kemboocha™ Kombucha?

We are currently sold here in our online store and locations in the Metro Atlanta area. Physical locations can be found here:


What are the benefits Kemboocha™ Kombucha?

It is primarily great for digestion, can boost immunity & increase energy.


Our high quality Kemboocha™ is a versatile product. It can be used as a cocktail mixer, as a mocktail in smoothies frozen as pops and so much more. Check out our video recipes for few creative ways we recommend using our product.

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